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Shibaura TF640MH

Mã hàng: TF640MH
Hãng sản xuất : Shibaura

Chi tiết Shibaura TF640MH Hình ảnh Shibaura TF640MH


Description of TF640MH

Auto choke carburetor for easy operation and handling.
Just turning main switch will start the engine immediately, and you can start full throttle operation without engine warm-up.
Equipped with Quick Valve Lever which allow you to operate valve faster and easier.
The stainless pump shaft is mounted separately from engine shaft, so you can easily replace the belt without any disassembly.
Newly developed lubricating oil circulation system provide you the low exhaust smoke as the lubricating oil is supplied by maintaining the proper mixing ratio.
Newly developed 5-valve system is incorporated into one body.
  • Name: TF640MH
  • Engine: Air-cooled 2 Cycle gasoline engine
  • Displacement (ml): 436
  • Output Max KW(PS) : 31.6(43)
  • Output Std KW(PS) : 22.8(31)
  • Discharge Volume m3/min: 1.21(STD) / 0.99(HIGH)
  • Discharge pressure: 0.55 Mpa(STD) / 0.80 MPa(HIGH)
  • Fuel tank capacity: 13 liter
  • Dimension:L737xW572xH765mm
  • Weight: 90kg



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